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ISA and Hazlitt, sorry that you found ‘Comment awaiting moderation’ messages after your last two posts. They had nothing to do with me. I got the same treatment myself yesterday, trying to leave a thought-let or two at obooki’s place, and was flummoxed. Since that had never happened over there (after my first contribution), I wondered if mein host might be annoyed with me. . . Now I suspect that a powerful gremlin is at large in WP’s innards and can only hope that it’s caught soon.

3p4, I found you — I mean, your Waterstone’s protest post — in solitary confinement in my spam queue. After I’d released it, I saw that you’d made the identical comment at obooki’s, so could understand a (yes, extremely) dim spambot mistaking you for a perp. . . For years, I’ve had a habit of blind-copying myself on all the email messages I write. When the spam-filtering has been overly zealous at various net portals, I’ve found even those sentenced to the junk mail queue.

That’s all for the moment. It’s tempting to put off what I’m supposed to be doing to reply to recent comments now, but if I do, I fear I could be carted off to the nearest net addiction treatment centre . . . I’ll be back as soon as I can.

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