Book promotion: fanfare for one of our makers

A toast to our very own comrade, Sean Murray. After years of an exceptionally brave struggle with the financial obstacles in writers’ lives, he is – not a moment too soon — beginning to get some of the recognition his creativity deserves.

Read all about it in the Irish Sunday Tribune: ‘More like John, the YouTube revelation…’

. . . and if I hadn’t been delinquent about checking my email for reasons too boring to explain, you’d have had that link sooner.

I’ve been astonished beyond describing to learn that a single post on this dinky little blog apparently gave the YouTube trailer the push it needed.

What is most wonderful about the news is that Sean never asked me to write about the video, nor even hinted that he was working on anything like it – but simply included me in a group mailer about it a day or two after he posted it on the net.

I can’t wait to see what he does next, . . . [cue Blind Willie Johnson, who sings on the clip and was warmly recommended by Baron Charlus] What’s Sean a-wri-tin’? . . .There just might be some clues in his own patch of this ether.



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19 responses to “Book promotion: fanfare for one of our makers

  1. This is wonderful, inspiring news, Wordy.
    For Sean and also your site. Is that champagne you’ve got in your hand? 🙂

    Many congratulations Sean!

  2. wordnerd7

    Alas no bubbly for me, @Suzan, as I’ve been fighting brain fog for three days (a real pea-souper) . . . But thanks for that lovely idea. . . You, of all people, surely expected results like this. Anyone who has blogged with you over the last two years knows that you’ve been far ahead of the rest of us in anticipating the power of interwebbing.

    There’s no false modesty in saying that I have no idea of what part this site played in finding an audience for the trailer — even if Sean and Faber seem to think that it created the tipping point.

    Out of curiosity about how the clip would fare, I kept this intermittent record of the first few weeks — which, I may say, have no equivalent in my own blog stats. They’ve had some extremely gratifying peaks, certainly, but nothing resembling this small explosion.

    For a while, I checked in at YouTube every day to see what happened:

    27 November 2008 was the day Sean posted his trailer

    5 December 2008: 158 views

    7 December 2008 was when I blogged about my reaction to Sean’s video on this site (Printed books r.i.p. . . . )


    10 December 2008
    (about 5 pm, my time)
    (about 11 pm, my time)

    11 December 2008

    12 December 2008

    19 December 2008

    23 December 2008


    11 February 2009 (the last time I looked)

    . . . I’m afraid that I only know how to plot that progress on a graph the old-fashioned way — but if someone knows how to do it on a computer, do please step in . . .

  3. Oh, that’s great Wordy.

    Your stats are so cool and Sean will be gratified.
    I am very poor with the Web and have just opened up a YouTube account so that I could write something for the trailer, which I now have.

    You express total loyalty in your friendship with Sean and that’s a true gift from over the seas.

  4. wordnerd7


    === that’s a true gift from over the seas. ===

    Actually, entirely in the other direction, starting in Dublin . . .

    But this part has been remarked on before:

    === total loyalty ===

    . . . comes of being a dog- rather than a cat-lover, I’ve always thought . . . ; ) . . .

    . . . However, as I was explaining over dinner a few hours ago, I hardly barked like a well-trained promotional poodle on behalf of either John the Revelator the trailer or book. . . Remember I said that I’d most like to buy an audio version of the book with the marvellous Irish voice in the trailer reading the story. This is still true, but I’m going to have to break down and read the dead tree product . . . Thanks to the Sunday Trib, I’ve just learnt that the voice belongs to Peter Murphy, the author. . . No way could I make the book sound like him in my own head.

  5. wordnerd7

    Auteur! Auteur!

    Can you please sort out this confusion. At this other YouTube URL . . . , … it says that your video has had a staggering . . .


  6. Hi Wordy,

    I am going to ignore that jibe on poodles. 🙂 I definitely did not have a four-pawed species in mind when I spoke on loyalty – quite the rare thing these days.

    I wondered though as an aside if you would be interested in the following, since you mentioned the power of interwebbing.

    Don Tapscott who published, ‘Grown up Digital, How the Net Generation is Changing Your World”, considers the option of what would happen if Obama started reaching out to Americans through the internet and that if such a venture wouldn’t garner powerful results.

    Just a quick link to Tapscott’s article in Reuters:

    Citizen Engagement.

    This could just as well apply to brilliant/alternative writers who don’t always stand a chance with mainstream publishers.

  7. wordnerd7

    Thanks, I’ve downloaded his article to read . . .

    Was glad to be reminded of the Obama blogs here, because Sunday’s NYT had this fascinating scrap in an op-ed piece:

    === […] These experiments may help explain the “Obama effect” on the test performance of African-Americans. Adult subjects in a study (still unpublished) answered comprehension questions from the verbal sections of the Graduate Record Examinations before and just after the presidential election. The black participants who were tested before the vote performed worse than whites; those tested immediately afterward scored almost as well as whites. ===

    The writer is a well-known academic psychologist and well-versed in statistical sampling, so I’m inclined to think that the study uncovered something true . . . The findings fit my own observation, since the last weeks of the campaign, of a marked change in the self-confidence of black Americans . . . — only I told myself I must surely be imagining it.

    . . . How are you enjoying being the last bloggers on earth, with me? : )

  8. Oh Wordy,
    I’ll go straight to the last liner. Are we back to Christmas then, you mean? 🙂
    No, UK time is just 10.00am.
    Hangovers from last night?
    Des told me that he went to the reading but didn’t stay as there were several people about.
    Anyway, am enjoying.

  9. wordnerd7

    Well, in the sense that you’re holding up the comments section like Atlas — yes, and I can’t thank you enough . . . But there’s been a minor tempest of clicks for hours. So . . . we are being observed by many silent lurkers, apparently. . . Speak up, shades!

    I was actually thinking of _all_ the blogs we know being extraordinarily quiet for some days. Even if BaronC refuses to come out from under the sofa this time, for anyone, . . . has the cold weather paralysed typing fingers, I wonder. . . Am going silent now myself for a while.

  10. No I didn’t say that susan my darling, I said I didn’t stay because I am just off the fags for three days and didn’t want to hang about chatting in case I succombed and had one.

    I can’t give a full spiel on the night, as I didn’t stay long, just got there at 7.30pm, started reading the book until a few minutes later when the editor introduced the author, who read for ten minutes and then a woman sung the blues song of the same title and seing there were some of Grogans finest about and feeling decidedly weak due to the fragile state of my will power, I nipped out as soon as the reading finished.

    I have a feeling about this book, it could do another Enright. It has everything going for it to be the talked about book this year.

  11. BaronCharlus

    Exciting stuff. Good work Sean, Wordn. Those view levels are astonishingly high. Much higher than I would have imagined!

  12. BaronCharlus

    ‘Even if BaronC refuses to come out from under the sofa this time, for anyone’

    Nice to be remembered! This isn’t Oprah, so I’ll just say I’ve been attending to other things.

    Was interested, though, in what Mr Murphy said about hearing the phrase John the Revelator and trying to find a story that justified the title. That’s often how I begin when excavating for ideas.

  13. seanmurray

    Just to clear up the confusion: there’s one posting of the trailer on Faber’s youtube channel and there’s another on our own channel Kenoma. We were able to do our own promotion/harrassment for the latter and managed to get a decent number of views (I also switched off the comments function as some of them were just silly).

    Watch out for the next JTR trailer on the Faber and Kenoma channels from a certain rapier-witted bookslogger. You have never seen a novel fucked with like this before.

    It’s now the no 2 bestselling Irish novel here behind Seb Barry. Thanks to all from this parish for the support.

  14. wordnerd7


    === I have a feeling about this book, it could do another Enright. It has everything going for it to be the talked about book this year. ===

    Fascinating – especially when considered with the information in @Sean’s latest post.

    Thanks so much for your report, even if it had to be abbreviated – in certain proof that blogger-reporters are a whole new breed. Who ever heard of a print journalist with any connection to the British Isles failing to get the whole story because of a courageous strike for sobriety? 🙂

    . . . Just one thing: did you not get the smallest glimpse of the er. . . . ‘hipster’ hairdo? (coughs) I rather expected that to be the highlight.

  15. wordnerd7


    === This isn’t Oprah, so I’ll just say ===

    But you know, it so easily _could_ be. Almost anything you like, in fact, as long as we have you here talking to us. . . We miss your civilising influence.

    === Those view levels are astonishingly high. ===

    I’ve been imagining conversations of the future.

    Cool person A: Fantastic book!

    Cool person B: I didn’t know you still read old media.

    A: I don’t.

    B: Oh, right, you saw the film.

    A: Wrong again.

    B: Okay, the audio book. You listened to it.

    A: Off with the pixies is what you are. I watched the YouTube trailer on my mobile, man – didn’t you see that the Gruan reviewer liked it better than the original?

    . . . You surely wouldn’t disagree with that projection, now, would you, @BC?

    . . . Peter Murphy: I haven’t yet read your book, so . . . that’s no slur on JTR. 😉

  16. wordnerd7


    === there’s one posting of the trailer on Faber’s youtube channel and there’s another on our own channel Kenoma. ===

    Blue-blooded Faber and Faber has its own YouTube channel? You should charge for the education you’re giving us in new media structures.

    === a certain rapier-witted bookslogger ===

    What???!? . . . are you saying that @liberaldogooder is coming back as his original self and not the pale imitation sometimes seen at the other place, lately? 🙂

  17. seanmurray

    What’s ldg’s new handle?

    Suzan: that thing about silly comments didn’t refer to you (or anybody around here). Just so you know.

  18. Hi Sean,

    No worries. I understood what you meant about the comments. Just that I realised I had placed mine on the wrong trailer after all, since it belonged to Faber & also the author. I’ll pick up a copy in London, Sean.


    a certain rapier-witted bookslogger ===

    Wordy: What???!? . . . are you saying that @liberaldogooder is coming back as his original self and…

    Or Steven Augustine perhaps? He’s brilliant with music.

  19. wordnerd7


    === a certain rapier-witted bookslogger ===

    . . . just keeping @smd on his toes, that’s all.


    No, I haven’t a clue about who @ldg might be, these days. It’s just that he hasn’t sounded much like himself under that screen name for months. . . compare what he’s been saying with eg., the way he shooed away poor @RisingFlame, on one occasion?

    Surely _someone_ has an opinion on the piano vs. violin? . . . I’m beginning to feel like one of those shopkeepers who has discovered that nothing keeps juvenile delinquents away more reliably than playing classical music.

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