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acciacatura [pronounced a-chukk-a-toora]

1. (music) A dissonant music note. Used in Baroque music as a decorative embellishment of a melodic note. The grace note is played as quickly as possible and takes no time from the melody note.

[Retrieved from http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/acciacatura ]

This tongue-twister was spelt at least three different ways on sites that came up on Google, the first time I looked it up. I only realised that one of the offerings was misspelt after I’d chosen my user name. Alas, WordPress does not let you correct that, so I’m stuck with it.

rules for this blog:

I’ll need to approve all first comments by commenters. Subsequent comments won’t be filtered, but exceptionally abusive personal attacks on other bloggers will be deleted. I plan to leave in place anything nasty and unfair that falls short of that as punishment. What could be worse than finding your own unjustified vitriol three, . . . five, . . . ten years from now?

Since long comments have been problematic on more than one site, and since I’ve been one of the worst offenders, I’m dedicating a page to LONG POSTS. If you find yourself writing a post growing into something like a mad knitter’s ankle-length cardigan,

(i) cut and paste it into LONG POSTS

(ii) summarise its gist in the main discussion or thread, then tell the rest of us to look for the rest of it in the long post pen

the virtual marquee:

Rubin the Ridgeback with Sue

metal sculptor & photographer: Dewey Matthews


7 responses to “About

  1. 3p4

    You might think that a mature adult would have more sense than to name a website with a long, foreign tongue-twister spelt at least three different ways on sites that come up on Google”””‘

    how exactly is “mature adult” relevant here?

    ‘ E ‘ by gum,, so you like to ‘C’ comments about ‘A’? getting responces that may seem to ‘B sharp’ well ‘G’ dude ‘,,’F’in good chance of that,
    in fact here be one of the first of ‘D’ responses,, good luck,,

  2. So glad that you seem to approve, 3p4. Lovely to have you here, and as for

    === ‘ E ‘ by gum,, so you like to ‘C’ comments about ‘A’? getting responces that may seem to ‘B sharp’ well ‘G’ dude ‘,,’F’in good chance of that,
    in fact here be one of the first of ‘D’ responses,, good luck,, ===

    Truly, your mind works like no one else’s. Thanks for your encouragement.

  3. Really pleased there’s so much more to you now, than just snippets of a Guardian thread, Wordy. 🙂

  4. 3P4

    Merry Christmas WordNerd7


  5. wordnerd7

    Thank you, @3p4, and I hope you saw my message for today buried in the avatar ramble. Mustn’t make my wish repetitive because I could risk undoing it .. . Funny, but the URL in my address bar only reads 500 now — not that I’d dream of arguing with a numerate Solanum tuberosum.

    I’d never have got so far so fast without the help of our little . . . er, tribe . . . of independents. I’m not going to ask you if you have your own blog somewhere under one of your other names, but if you’ve tried this out I think you’ll understand me asking myself whether I’m checking on the blog between stocking-filling tasks so late on Christmas Eve because having one is like:

    (i) looking after a wood stove that is your only source of heat in a cold winter,


    (ii) owning a tamaguchi/gotchi . . . http://www.reference.com/search?q=Tamaguchi.

    I’d say it’s more like (i) — since I liked the reward in warmth, when I did that . . . but have never tried (ii).

    . . . Good luck with all that cooking — I’m sure it’s all going to be scrumptious.

    . . .

  6. wordnerd7

    . . . and wood stoves are on my mind because the electricity has twitched off and on three times in the last half-hour as the wind sighs and sings and sings and sighs in a tall chimney six feet from me. Outside — I just opened a door to look — it (or do I mean she, a disconsolate diva) is blowing fine snow off the roof in mini-tsunamis . I have just had to explain for the benefit of all unreconstructed urbanites here that I’m filling the bathtubs because the power could go out and stay out (no pump, no well water). So if you don’t hear from me for a while — : )

  7. antiphonsgarden

    I hope it was ok to link towards your spirit full blog, I know , I should have asked first (still possible to go backwards, I guess!), but I am a bit a internet idiot, and as I wanted to inform myself how it “might”work, it worked.Quiet scary all these buttons.

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